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Re: p3d launch article

The gentleman mentioned as the author of the article, Peter Ellis, did ask on this
reflector for info about everything mentioned in the article. The only problem that
Peter had was that he did not have much time to write the article in and had asked
for genuine info from everyone invovled.

Did anyone that has replied to this thread help this gentleman out when it was asked
for? I know I didn't because I did not want to pass on untrue information that
should come initially from AMSAT officials or designated representatives.

Based on what I do know and understand, Peter did a very good job on the article
from what Bruce posted in the initial message about what he recieved.

Now may we get on with how everyone is going to take this FREE publicity and put it
to good use for AMSATs benefit?

James KD4DLA
Local Coordinator - Michigan - AMSAT
SouthEast Michigan AMSAT Net Control

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