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Re: no signal

At 04:30 PM 11/11/2000 EST, you wrote:
>t0 all who track ALPHA ISS, I couldn't pick up any signal as our friends 
>passed over the Rio Grande this afternoon at 2046 utc.  Any particular
>why I did not hear them, except for my own inabilities?  It showed 

Just one:  They weren't on yet. :)

I tried earlier on the 11/10 1729 UTC pass over the northeast US (I'm in
Salem, MA), and didn't hear them, neither 145.800 nor 143.625.

My setup is just an HT, a scanner and a whip in my apartment (I'm making a
quadrifilar helix this winter) but I *know* it works because my hard drive
is filled with Russian .WAV files from passes I caught earlier in the week.

I don't think it's us;  I think they just decided to hit the sack early
when you tried for them.  They earned it.
I'll be trying again tomorrow for sure.

Take care,


David Moisan, N1KGH   ARES/SKYWARN                dmoisan@shore.net
Invisible Disability:
ATS-909 FAQ:  http://www1.shore.net/~dmoisan/faqs/sangean/ats909faq.html

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