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The Station Program 1.0X Freeware!

Paul Willmott, on behalf of AMSAT-BDA wishes to inform those AMSAT groups
which sell The Station Program in their respective countries, that it has
been decided to make "The Station Program Version 1.0X" ("Station")
available as freeware. 

Over the years "Station" through its sales has generated substantial funds
for the AMSAT Phase 3D fund. However, as now its creator now admits freely,
it has passed its prime and needs to be retired.

Henceforth, "Station" MAY NOT BE SOLD!!!!!!

The author hopes that it will still be made available on the AMSAT-NA web
site for download for those who still find the program usefull. 

The registration program has been forwarded to KB5MU for inclusion on the
AMSAT-NA web site. This program will allow future users (if any) to assign
their own serial numbers.

Paul wishes to thank everyone who has supported "Station" through the years,
and looks forward to working with them on Station 2, once P3D flies!!!!

Paul Willmott
on behalf of
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