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New AvantGo channel CallingCQ includes ANS, Spacenews

Users of the AvantGo offline websync service for Palm OS and WinCe devices can
subscribe to a channel that will push The ARRL Letter, AMSAT News, W1AW
Bulletins and Space Weather to your handheld.

This looks like a very cool thing--AvantGo can also be used to synch web content
of your choice by building a custom channel--I currently pick up selected pages
from my personal website ( http://voicenet.com/~maggie ) and the latest local
aviation weather using this mechanism. It's also handy for driving directions
and maps from Mapquest. 

Surf to http://www.callingcq.org/ for more information.

 73 de Maggie KB3DXS

PS: First time I synched the channel my Palm reset. No damage done, so don't
panic if it happens to you. It may have something to do with the fact that the
internet connection timed out during the first synch attempt. 

     / __     _)      Margaret Stephanie Leber  /"The art of progress   / 
    /(, /|  /|   http://voicenet.com/~maggie   / consists of preserving/  
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  / ) /  |/  |_(_(_(_/_(_/__(__(/_ARRL 39280 / change amid order."   /
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