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Re: Train mobile attempts on SO-35, 10 Nov 2000

Hello Tony!

09 Nov 00 23:30, I wrote to All:

 TL> Just a quick note to say that tomorrow, Friday 10th Nov, I will be
 TL> operating SO-35 while train mobile on the way home from work (nothing
 TL> like a little DX while commuting :) ).  During the pass, I will also
 TL> attempt to contact Leighton, VK3TLJ, who will also be train mobile at
 TL> the same time.

Unfortunately, the planned train-train QSO didn't eventuate, due to both of us
not having good access to the bird at the right time, but I did manage to work
VK3TYR while train mobile, and also worked VK5NZ and ZL2BPL a little later,
while pedestrian mobile (I had got off the train by that time).

Should be one or two rtail mobile possibilities next week, will confirm over
the weekend.

Tony, VK3JED

.. an ignore entirely.
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