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Re: Tracking Alpha (was" ISS Location at 1626Z 8 Nov 2000")

On Fri, 10 Nov 2000, Norm McMillan wrote:
>  > Question is:  Where was ISS location over the planet at 1626Z 8 Nov
> >at that particular time, the iss was at
> >32.270 degrees N
> >13.033 degrees W
> >altitude of 378.199 km

I match these numbers but at 1603z, 23 minutes earlier than specified.

> so I plugged  08 Nov 2000, 1626 UTC into WinOrbit and came up with a 
> different answer completely, which probably explains why I haven't had much 
> joy spotting it. For that particular epoch I came up with
> 45.98S
> 65.07E
> Alt 389

Using TrakSat & STSPlus I get a fairly good match to your numbers.

> Right now @ 09/11/2000, 2122 utc I put it at 6.61S, 65.16 W, 376km alt.

Again I get a fairly good match to your numbers.

> I wonder if some kind soul could confirm that for me.? I I've deliberately 
> avoided QTH and Local time issues.

Mir & ISS are considered to be "high-drag" objects, so a few days 
difference in keps epoch dates could account for a few degrees difference 
in ground track position, but your numbers seem to be within reasonable 
tolerance.  That 23 minute time difference, however, does not.

Jim  N1DUY@amsat.org

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