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    I obtained an AEA DSP1232 from the net (someone on this list I believe)
   a few years back.  It quit working on me the second day I  had it
   (can't blame the seller, it DID work out of the box....)   
   Now that Timewave has taken over, they said they would attempt to
   fix it but were not sure if they could.  The box will not init
   fully.  All lights come on, go out, and the radio1/2 relay kicks over
   but that's it.  Sometimes a few garbage chars out the serial port
   sometimes none but it will not respond to ANY baud rate/setting/etc..
   I have tried full resets, and have replaced the CPU.  (68HC11)  to no
   avail.. All oscillators on the board appear to be working properly.
   Timewave claims that they usually just open it up, replace 
   every socketed chip and they usually come back to life.  Has anyone
   else had simliar problems?  If so, what did you do?  Thanks!

  PS.  Thanks to all who replied to my big dish inquiry.  I have finally
  secured the final paperwork and made final arrangements for it to be  
  moved.  The new azimuth mount is almost complete and it should be
  mounted in 3 weeks!  The control system, which I didn't think I 
  was going to get, is also working and features +_ .12 degree accuracy!!
  To those who asked, the dish is a Scientific Atlanta, 10meter Solid
  parabola.  Model 9931 (I think!)  Should make a decent EME antenna and
  an EXCELLENT weak signal sat antenna!!  Thanks again!
  -James   KI0KN   james@colostate.edu
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