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Missile Payload Help

I've been asked for help and am not sure what to do. This is the note that I
received from Tim Lundt. I told him that I would put this out to the Amsat-BB.

>I am a teacher at Burchell High School in Wasilla, Alaska and we have the
opportunity to develop a payload for a Mark 66 or Mark 40 missile, which spins
at 10 Hz, travels at 20g, top altitude of 30,000 feet and duration of fight
1.5 minutes to 2 minutes, diameter of payload is 2.5 inches and is 18 inches

> The radio collars are R1-2B Transmitters for Ruffed Grouse.  They weigh 8.9
grams.  Radio frequency of 150.+ depending on radio each has a pulse rate
between 66 and 70.

>Do you have any other ideals or suggestions that my students could use to
help them build these payloads?

Any help would be welcome, I haven't seen the "collars" maybe they could be
used to send temperature ??? They have a year before the launch.

Thanks ,
Mike West

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