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P3D 2400 MHz band use?

With the encroachment of Bluetooth and other technologies onto the 2400
MHz amateur band, expectant users of P3D should be prepared to deal with
nearby 100 milliwatt broadband noise transmitters in their vicinity..

So, while you are building up your 2400 MHz receive capability, you should
also consider building a transmit capabiliity as well.  Then do some
experimentation on the band whenever P3D is not in view.  This might
discourage your neighbors from operating their 100mw noise generators on
your P3D listening frequency.

Fortunately, DFing at 2400 MHz is easy to do with a small dish, so the
sources of these Bluetooth devices will be easy to locate.

I am not preaching any violation of the amateur rules.  Just USE IT OR
LOSE IT....  The cheapest 2400 MHz transmitters that I have found are the
wireless WAVECOM license free Video Transmitters that can be beefed up to
100mw by a kit from PC Electronics for legal HAM use.

Your neighbors who use these part-15 devices must tolerate any
interference from a legally operating HAM transmitter.  But we all know
that that argument won't buy you a cup of coffee if they are there

So if you have your 2400 MHz receive capability all sitting there ready to
go, use the time to start beefing up your transmit capability too.  You
might find some other ATV'ers near you... (or some interesting video from
all the part-15 2400 MHz video boxes out there too.


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