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P3D element Set contest

Here's an element set I concocted for P3D. It's rough but assumes a launch 
time of 0130utc 15th of Nov.  Anyone else figure up an element set? We 
could have a contest and see who comes closest. Chances are good this 
elements set is way off but you can still use it to see what the shape of 
P3D's initial ground track will look like. Be interesting to see what Ken 
Ernandes comes up with.
73 de KB7ADL

Satellite: P3D
Catalog number:
Epoch time:    00 322.4434838
Element set:
Inclination:      6.5 deg
RA of node:      24.6 deg
Eccentricity:     0.706
Arg of perigee: 176.0 deg
Mean anomaly:     0.0 deg
Mean motion:      2.374 rev/day
rev               6

                         Manual Edit Satellite Elements
   Database Entry:   4                  ¦ Derived Values...
        Satellite: P3D                  ¦   (Adjusted to Present Time)
    Object Number:                      ¦
NASA Designation:                      ¦ Epoch was -11.3 days ago.
    Element Set #: 0                    ¦ Satellite age is     -9 days.
   Epoch Time, T0:  0 322.4434838       ¦ Orbital Period:   606.571 minutes
   11/17/2000 10:38:37.00 UTC           ¦ Perigee Height:    600.4 km
    Epoch Rev, K0: 6                    ¦  Apogee Height:  34116.1 km
Mean Anomaly, M0:   0.00000°           ¦ Lat. of Apogee:  -1.4°  +0.087°/day
  Mean Motion, N0:  2.37400000          ¦ Longitude Increment: 151.7°/rev
  Inclination, I0:   6.50000°           ¦ Sun to Orbitplane angle: 14.54°
Eccentricity, E0: 0.70600000           ¦
  Arg Perigee, W0: 176.00000°           ¦ Arg Perigee: 167.11806°  +0.784°/day
     R.A.A.N., O0:  24.60000°           ¦    R.A.A.N.:  29.08425°  -0.396°/day
   Beacon Frq, F1: 
435.0000             +---------------------------------------
        Decay, N1:  0.00000e+000
         Attitude: None Set

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