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RE: RS-13 in mode T or KT?

> Actually it's in the Advanced band.  Although the Advanced is 
> not longer
> issued, those in force are still valid as Advanced class 
> licenses with the
> privileges that Advanced class licenses had before the 
> restructuring.  An
> Extra is not required, however if you are a General or lower 
> class licensee
> now, the only upgrade is to Extra.

Depends where you are. ;-)  If my memory serves me right (been many years
since I've had to concern myself with this), the VK Novice band extends up
to 21.3 MHz, so Novices down here should be able to work RS-13, the only
satellite that Novice level VKs are allowed to use (the rest fall outside
the Novice 2m and 70cm segments).

I'll double check with the ACA, before doing a little publicity run. :-)
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