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System restored to opns.

Howdy Y-all,

	Radio was broke, and didn't have the time to repair
it.  Well, tonight it is back on.  Unfortunately, I had to dump
all the memories in it.  I have lost all my settings, and can't
find my notes.  Someone help please.

	I need the pass freqs for AO-27, UO-14, and SO-35.
For example, I seem to remember that UO-14 was:

Uplink		Downlink	Pass period

145.970	435.060	At AOS
145.970	435.065	Ascending
145.975	435.070	Mid-pass
145.980	435.075	Descending
145.980	435.080	Near LOS

Or something like that.  I have slept since then.  <grin>

Also, current status of AO-10, FO-20 and 29.

Between overtime, dog shows, high-power rifle and
combat pistol matches, and fixing computers for friends
(for free) maybe I will have time to get back on.

Thanks Y-all for the assist.


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