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Re: Software Defined DSP Satellite Radio Project?

Hello Darrell!

03 Nov 00 18:59, you wrote to AMSAT-BB:

 DB> If you are in any way interested in this project, please subscribe. It
 DB> does not matter whether you have the technical skills to design and
 DB> build a radio or not. There will be plenty to do for anyone who would
 DB> like to help.
 DB> The first things we should do are:
 DB> 1) Promote the new email reflector. If you know someone who may be
 DB> interested in such a project please encourage them to join us on the
 DB> new reflector. If you are a member of another reflector, club,
 DB> net, association, etc. and this project would be relevant, please help
 DB> promote the idea.

Count me in.  I've sent my subscription request, so should be on the list soon.
:-)  As for promotion, I will write up a small article for our club news, which
is widely heard/read around Melbourne and may spread across Australia
(actually, we have worldwide coverage via the Internet, and any stray 10m
openings :) ).

 DB> 2) Collect information on previous and current work done on software
 DB> defined radios and DSP radios. No need to reinvent the wheel, lets
 DB> build on what has already been done. If there are other groups with
 DB> related projects, we should see if there are synergies that can be
 DB> leveraged.

Good idea.

 DB> 3) Start thinking about a wish list of features, specifications, etc.
 DB> This project is by no means a done deal. We are still in the early
 DB> stages of determining it's feasibility. Hopefully we can generate
 DB> enough interest to find a team of volunteers to make it a reality.

Hopefully.  We need to do the feasibility study, and also raise awareness among
the experimenters.  Typically, there are more operators than experimenters
these days, which means we'll have plenty of people to test the rig... if we
can find enough to design it! :-)

Tony, VK3JED

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