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Re: California Amplifier Preamp

Hi, Brian:

I had the same confusion, and this is what has worked for me:

First, the connection of the N connectors are obvious. The preamp simply goes 
in series with the input of the 2880.

Then, connect the 2 ft. tail/Fconnector from the preamp to the 2880 F 
connector marked "TV  DC IN"

This leaves you with one F connector, which you connect to the IF receiver 
using RG-62 (I want no grim warnings about 75 ohm impedance mismatch. For all 
practical purposes, that is simply not a problem (!) )

My IC-821 sends 12VDC right up the coax and powers both the 2880 and the 
preamp. My 2880 came with a "tee" box which will accomplish the same thing, 
and I have tested it as well. Works fine.

What IF have you modified the 2880 for?


Mike, W1BFN

"When in doubt, read the book"

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