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Re: California Amplifier Preamp

The power for the downconverter is fed up the 75 Ohm coax.  Disconnect the 75 
Ohm downlead cable from the 2880.  Take the pigtail F-connector on the preamp 
and connect it to the 2880.  Take the downlead 75 Ohm cable (to your 2 m rig) 
and reconnect it to the preamp.  The power is then fed to the preamp and 
"thru" to the 2880 via the pigtail lead.  OK?
Jerry, K5OE

bwruble@ix.netcom.com writes:

> Several years ago, I acquired a California Amplifier preamp for use with the
>  Drake 2880 for 2.4 ghz downlink purposes.  The part number is 30947.
>  There was no information with the preamp, only nameplate info.  I want to 
>  sure I am hooking this thing up right.
>  There is a male Type N at one end, with the nameplate indicating "RF Output
>  to Downconverter". That one is easy.
>  At the other end are 3 connections.  There is a Female Type N that says "RF
>  Input from Antenna" and that also seems obvious.  However, the other two
>  connectors have me wondering.  One is a 2 ft. length of 75 ohm coax
>  terminated in a standard cable TV connector (is that "type F"?) and next to
>  that is a female Type F connector.  The nameplate shows a line connecting
>  these two.  Next to the length of coax, the nameplate says "15 to 28VDC"
>  Next to the female Type F, the nameplate says "IF IN/OUT".
>  It looks like this:
>  FEMALE F    -------| IF IN/OUT
>                     |
>                     |
>                     |
>  COAX        -------| 15 to 28 VDC                RF OUTPUT   ------- MALE N
>                               (to Downconverter)
>  Does anybody know what I do with these 2 type F connections?  How do I feed
>  the 12vdc to the preamp?
>  Thanks for any info.
>  73 de Brian W3BW
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