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BPSK demod needed

I'm looking for off the shelf solutions for the 38k4 BPSK 
receiver/demodulator need at the Air Force Academy ground station.
The next satellite being built there will have an S band 38k4 BPSK down 
link.  We can down convert from whatever government S band frequency we end 
up on to UHF or VHF.  But we need to solve the problem of receiving that 
signal to base band, then demodulating the BPSK to make TTL or RS-232 level 
bits.  Since this will be a LEO bird with an S band down link Doppler will 
be an issue, so auto lock and frequency tracking will be a plus.

I'd appreciate info about any equipment out there, amateur or commercial, 
that might work for one or both of these functions.

Jim White

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