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Re: RS-13 in mode T or KT?

Hello k6yk@juno.com!

03 Nov 00 07:39, you wrote to All:

 ky> Mode KT works pretty good.  As with the VHF uplinks, you don't need to
 ky>  have much power or antenna.  It is affected by the propagation on 15
 ky> meters though.  It works best for satellite at night when 15 is not
 ky> open.  Sort of like the 10 meter downlink.  You also have the chance
 ky> to maybe  extend the range of the bird with a little "over the
 ky> horizon" .  If you were lucky enough to be on when 10 and 15 are both
 ky> open, get a little "skip" on the uplink and downlink both, you could
 ky> work quite a bit out of the normal range.  I hear lots of DX stations
 ky> on RS13, but they are QSO'ing on 15 meters not knowing that they are
 ky> getting
 ky> into the bird.

It may work better for me.  I have 100W on HF, so should be able to at least
partially compensate for my poor HF antenna situation.  My 2m station is much
better, so should suit the 2m downlink well.

Tony, VK3JED

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