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Re: Software Defined DSP Satellite Radio Project?

Thanks to Simon GM4PLM we now have a reflector to discuss this idea
fully without taking up bandwidth on the AMSAT-BB. Details to subscribe
are below.

If you are in any way interested in this project, please subscribe. It
does not matter whether you have the technical skills to design and
build a radio or not. There will be plenty to do for anyone who would
like to help.

The first things we should do are:

1) Promote the new email reflector. If you know someone who may be
interested in such a project please encourage them to join us on the new
reflector. If you are a member of another reflector, club, net,
association, etc. and this project would be relevant, please help
promote the idea.  

2) Collect information on previous and current work done on software
defined radios and DSP radios. No need to reinvent the wheel, lets build
on what has already been done. If there are other groups with related
projects, we should see if there are synergies that can be leveraged.

3) Start thinking about a wish list of features, specifications, etc.

This project is by no means a done deal. We are still in the early
stages of determining it's feasibility. Hopefully we can generate enough
interest to find a team of volunteers to make it a reality.

Darrell Bellerive

Simon Lewis wrote:
> In message <3A02BA1C.D288029@telus.net>, Darrell Bellerive
> <ve7cla@telus.net> writes
> >Simon,
> >
> >Thanks for your offer to set up the website and mail reflector (as well
> >as the documentation).
> As promised......
> Here is the intro file sent on subscribing.
> Subscribe successfully and then feel free to post away!
> I will set up other areas as required.
> 73 Simon GM4PLM
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