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Re: Software Defined DSP Satellite Radio Project?

I was thinking along the lines of a 28 MHz. IF as well. This would allow
anyone currently using transverters that eventually go here be able to
maintain a known good RF chain and add the new technology incrementally.
Along those lines, my approach would be to cascade converters to bridge up
to microwave frequencies. In other words the L band TX would be derived from
a 28 MHz. IF feeding a V band upconverter feeding an L band upconverter.
Downlink would follow a similar chain of an S band downconverter feeding a U
band downconverter back to the 28 MHz. IF., and so forth. All bands, all
modes, incrementally. I also agree that direct conversion from "RF to bits"
is a practical solution at this time. I just ordered the the Maxim IC CD-ROM
to get more details on their wireless products. Their web site (
www.maxim-ic.com ) had some interesting components.


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