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Re: Software Defined DSP Satellite Radio Project?

Mike wrote:
> Some places to start, to ensure you don't have to re-invent the wheel:
> http://www.arrl.org/tis/info/sdr.html

Interesting.  His last IF is a little low for my tastes though.  

> Analogue Devices have some nice chipsets, specifically the AD6600 and
> AD6620 (http://www.analog.com) but the tech docs site was down when I
> last looked.

Yup, yup -- and I was thinking.  To simplify it a little, maybe use something
like the DEM transverters for the antenna end. I have to check, but I think
that it's possible for the more current ADCs to handle an IF at 28Mhz. If not
add another stage, I guess. 

Then for the DSP, maybe start with one of the DSP kits from TI, Motorola
or Analog.  That way the DSP programmer can start writing code from the

The thing then, that's missing for receive is the middle bit.  The AD6600/AD6620 or 
something like that.  I did a little poking around,
figuring that the P3D design has exactly this, with different chips, already working
on the satellite.  Though I did get the word that this design wouldn't work
right out of the box for a project like this.  Maybe some kind of tweak
might be possible, I guess -- maybe.  (I understand there are a few
tricky issues here.)

On the transmit side, I haven't done any research at all though.

This isn't the cheapest way in the world to go, but I was thinking this might
limit the number of 'big scary problems' that need to be solved before
anything works at all.

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