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Software Defined DSP Satellite Radio Project?

I want to chime in as being interested in a DSP radio project.  Or that really
to use the P3d Digital stuff right, I think it'd be nice to have a comparable
system here on the planet surface.  That is with a ADC/DDC/DSP receiver and the like.

I think the concept of an 'open source' approach for hardware is kind of
interesting.  I'm trying to figure out, though, some of the issues for doing 
this.   Like is there a good free or cheap program that we could use for designing
circuits.  That is so one person could layout the circuit and another could add in
a few parts or do a few tweaks and repost it.  Are there any options here that don't
cost lots of money?  That is so everyone involved could look at the work or submit

I have downloaded a program at...


for doing PCB boards.  I've only poked around it for a few minutes -- it looks
like you place everything manually, and draw in all the little wires one
by one.  Only the new alpha version 1.72 works with my Redhat 7.0 install, but it
seems to basically function for the time I've played around it.  It looks like
it can do 8-layer boards.  I don't see why this wouldn't work for a big project, 
though, maybe there's something better out there.  (And I'm curious what other 
people use, before I invest a big hunk of time learning this.)

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