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RE: Tracking Programs and Time Zones

> This is the time of year when many stations get confused about times
> zones and how they effect their tracking program.  This 
> morning a local

Winorbit is easy to set as well.  It doesn't use the Windows time zone
settings (as it's a 16 bit program), so you have to manually adjust it for
daylight saving time.  

Go to Setup -> Time Zone, and make the appropriate adjustment.  For us in
VK/ZL, we need to increase the how many hours the local time zone _leads_
UTC, to bring the program into Daylight Saving time.  For US observers, you
will need to increase how many hours you _lag_ UTC by (sounds confusing, but
there's actually a double negative in play for the US and Europe, which
doesn't apply down here :) ).  Other parts of the world will have different
combinations. :-)  Even more confusing is that in VK, some states have been
in summer time for 2 months already (AKA "Sydney Olympic Time" ;) ), but out
PCs didn't want to know about it until last weekend (when the change usually
happens), so many of us just accepted the hour error.

The ultimate check is that WinOrbit and the Windows clock should show the
same time, and when you switch the time display into UTC mode, Winorbit
should show the correct UTC time.

Most 32 bit Windows programs should be fine, as they tend to use the Windows
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