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Re: Software Defined DSP Satellite Radio Project?

In message <00aa01c044dd$74772380$fee89626@petrexintl.com>, Howie
DeFelice <hdefelice@petrexintl.com> writes
>I think this is a great idea. The tough part will be finding someone to
>divide up the tasks into bite sized pieces an putting them up for "adoption"
>on the net.  But even that could be done by committee. If we can ever decide
>on a design spec, this will definitely need it's own reflector! I have
>access to a fair amount of RF test equipment to toss into the mix. This
>could be fun!

I am happy to set up the website, mail reflector and write documentation
in a variety of formats.

No so good with RF design :(

Count me in on the project!

73 Simon GM4PLM
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