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RE: Power Supply dead on FT736

Assi 4X1KX/KK7KX wrote:
> Hi,
> Just came back from Portland Maine to find out the power supply in our
> Yaesu FT736 died. Before  begin debugging the problem, does the
> power supply have any "favorite" failure modes ?

Don't forget that that the 736 can be powered from 12V DC if you have that
available.  I ended up building a DC cable a couple weeks ago while on a
trip after finding that RF from the radio kept tripping the inverter in my
truck off-line.  It only takes 2 wires, and in a pinch the pins from a molex
connector (available at Radio Shack) can be used.  Look at the DC cable on
the radio; the Red is positive, black is negative.  The two white wires are
remote control for the built in AC operated supply.  BTW, if you disconnect
the cable from the AC supply and put a voltmeter on the red and black wires
you will find nothing there because of the remote control.

Jim Walls - K6CCC
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