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Re: TiungSat Status.


Now which set of keps/object number do we use?

I must admit I find the concept of "Ooops!  Wrong satellite!" by NORAD (or 
whomever it is...) pretty humorous.



At 12:29 PM 11/2/00 +0000, Chris Jackson wrote:
>All commissioning has been completed on TiungSat and the spacecraft is now
>open for amateur use.
>Currently the downlink is operating at 9600bd, although this will be
>switched to 38k4 in the coming weeks.  When this is done, the downlink will
>not be on at all times since we will operate using the high power
>transmitter which consumes considerably more power than the current
>transmitter.  The same system as employed on Uo-36 will be employed to allow
>amateurs to switch on the downlink from their groundstation as required.
>The imaging systems are still being calibrated and not all images will be
>available for download.  The command stations in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
>(9M2MCS) and Surrey, UK (G7UPN) will restrict downloading to images that are
>of reasonable quality.  We will only restrict access to images that are
>cloudy or otherwise used only for calibration purposes (such as the image
>programmed this morning during eclipse).
>Since the images from TiungSat should be the primary interest, uploading is
>restricted to command station use only.
>The imaging system has a Ground Sampling Distance (GSD) of approximately 70m
>in 3 bands, and a wide angle camera with a GSD of approximately 1km.
>The following information should be entered in your groundstation software
>for TiungSat -:
>Broadcast callsign      MYSAT3-11
>Uplink frequencies      145.850 / 145.925
>Downlink frequency      437.325
>Chris G7UPN
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Mark L. Hammond  [N8MH]

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