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TiungSat Status.

All commissioning has been completed on TiungSat and the spacecraft is now
open for amateur use.

Currently the downlink is operating at 9600bd, although this will be
switched to 38k4 in the coming weeks.  When this is done, the downlink will
not be on at all times since we will operate using the high power
transmitter which consumes considerably more power than the current
transmitter.  The same system as employed on Uo-36 will be employed to allow
amateurs to switch on the downlink from their groundstation as required.

The imaging systems are still being calibrated and not all images will be
available for download.  The command stations in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
(9M2MCS) and Surrey, UK (G7UPN) will restrict downloading to images that are
of reasonable quality.  We will only restrict access to images that are
cloudy or otherwise used only for calibration purposes (such as the image
programmed this morning during eclipse).

Since the images from TiungSat should be the primary interest, uploading is
restricted to command station use only.

The imaging system has a Ground Sampling Distance (GSD) of approximately 70m
in 3 bands, and a wide angle camera with a GSD of approximately 1km.

The following information should be entered in your groundstation software
for TiungSat -:
Broadcast callsign	MYSAT3-11
Uplink frequencies	145.850 / 145.925
Downlink frequency	437.325


Chris G7UPN

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