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RE: Software Defined DSP Satellite Radio Project?

> A number of questions need to be answered:
> 1) Is there sufficient demand for such a radio? Would this 
> increase the
> number of hams on the satellites or at least on the digital 
> satellites?

We really need to do some survey and market research, but to kick off a
straw poll, having access to this sort of rig would tempt me to try playing
with the digital birds. :-)  ANd the whole idea of software defined radios
is rather neat, and suits my style of operation (fewer and more flexible
boxes - the logical extension of my computer based digital modes).
> 2) Is there sufficient resources to design, build prototypes, kit,
> develop software, produce documentation, etc. to develop the radio? Is
> the TAPR model of producing TNCs, etc. something to be considered?
> 3) Can this type of project be managed and built with the use of the
> Internet as a communications medium much like open source software is
> created? Elecraft and the DSP-10 seem to benefit from this model.

I believe the open source model has a lot to offer such a project, and the
use of open source software (and "open hardware", which may one day be also
commercially produced) could enable amateurs to take a lead in this area.

> I for one would participate in such a project, but do not have the
> expertise in hardware design and construction or DSP programming.
> However, I could build user interface and control software. I suspect
> that I am like a number of hams who would have expertise in one or two
> areas, but not all disciplines to take on such a project by ones self.
> As a group I would expect that the collective expertise would be
> immense.

Well, I'm not a programmer, so my initial contribution would be limited to
configuration and testing.  However, I suspect there are likely to be lots
of software tweakable parameters and a who new art of radio to learn, so I
could possibly contribute as the project matures in configuration and
support, and perhaps documentation.
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