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Placement of Mounting U-Bolts on M2 Antennas

Currently, I have the U-Bolt assemblies on my M2 2mc14 and 436cp30 mounted 
in the recommended place which is about the middle of the boom.  In making 
plans to put up a tower in the next few months, I realized that there was 
no way these antennas were gonna go on it.

I decided to move them over to the chimney over the next few weeks in 
preperation for the tower.  Then I realized that due to the height of my 
chimney, I'm probably going to have to mount these on a less than optimal 
piece of mast.  I'd like to still be able to clear the chimney by at least 
2 feet.  Which means on a 10 Foot piece of 2 Inch mast strapped to the 
chimney, I'm going to have to move the U-Bolt assemblies closer to the 
driven elements by about a Foot and a half.

How badly is this gonna screw me up?

Dave, N8KXA

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