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Re: TS-2000 for digital birds?

Mark L. Hammond <hammond@surrealnet.net> wrote:

>This has been a major concern for me (more than looks ;-).  As I recall,
>one of the literature pieces said 9k6 ready.  Big deal.
>Why can't Kenwood have the foresight to make it 76k digital ready?  If a
>small board like the Symek module can add the function, surely Kenwood can
>design and integrate a similar solution...

Regardless of whether or not there is actually a market for
this (Kenwood aren't a charity), I would question the wisdom
of trying to make an all-singing all-dancing radio like this.

A little black box that only did 76k8 could do it well,
and could do it for a favourable price. If that was all it
needed to do you could even contemplate making your own.
The IF bandwidth is going to be a little wide (50 kHz),
but we're hams and can be creative about these things.

The other option is to ditch this FSK nonsense and do
PSK. The reasons for doing 9600 baud MSK were valid at
the time, but that was a long time ago, and they do not
scale to 38k4 or 76k8. They never did.

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