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RE: Wondows Question

On Thu, 26 Oct 2000, Tony Langdon wrote:

> Linux would make me feel a lot more comfortable, though even that would be
> overkill in a lot of cases.  With software and systems which must run
> reliably while unattended, simplicity is a must, as every line of code in
> the OS increases the risk of a serious bug which might kill the system, and
> decreases the probability that the bug will be found during code auditing or
> testing.  DOS will remain a potentially good choice for embedded systems for
> years to come, because of its relative simplicity.

OTOH, see e.g. http://developer.axis.com/ and http://www.uClinux.org
Might be fun to take a ssh connection to IHU and make adjustments to BCR
settings and LEILA behaviour...:)


Kaj oh6eh@amsat.org

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