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Re: TS-2000 for digital birds?

>I guess the same philosophy is at work about high speed data. Only a
>percentage of satellite users will use high speed data, and if this

And I always think--because they have to hack up their $2k rig to do so?

Cause and effect are not easily determined....I'd argue many would try 76k 
digital if the rigs were "76k packet ready" out of the box.  Terrestrial 
stuff would be excellent at 76k, too.  But I do see your point.  I'm not 
much of a businessman ;-)

>drives up the price, most hams will buy the competitors product.
>I guess the real problem is that everyone's idea of perfect radio is
>different. I for one wish there was a modular DC to light software
>defined DSP radio with open source software, so a perfect rig would be
>only a few more lines of code away.

Agreed.  I bet we'll get there, but it seems like it's going to be a 
looooong wait.


Mark L. Hammond  [N8MH]

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