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Re: TS-2000 for digital birds?

It seems that all-band all-mode really means popular-band popular-mode.
Is this false advertising?

On the Kenwood reflector (qth.net) a comment was made something to the
effect of: why do the manufacturers add satellite functions when only a
small percentage of hams use satellites; I don't want to pay for a
feature I'll never use.

I guess the same philosophy is at work about high speed data. Only a
percentage of satellite users will use high speed data, and if this
drives up the price, most hams will buy the competitors product.

I guess the real problem is that everyone's idea of perfect radio is
different. I for one wish there was a modular DC to light software
defined DSP radio with open source software, so a perfect rig would be
only a few more lines of code away.


"Mark L. Hammond" wrote:
> This has been a major concern for me (more than looks ;-).  As I recall,
> one of the literature pieces said 9k6 ready.  Big deal.
> Why can't Kenwood have the foresight to make it 76k digital ready?  If a
> small board like the Symek module can add the function, surely Kenwood can
> design and integrate a similar solution.  I remember the look on my wife's
> face when I plugged in the soldering iron, unpacked my new TS-790A, and
> started taking the screws out to add 9k6 capability.  She was like "you
> have GOT to be kidding!  $2000 and you have to "fix" it before you can even
> use it?"
> She's right, you know...if I'm going to cough up $2-3k for a rig, adding
> another $100-200 to make it 76k digital ready is basically a small drop in
> a pretty big bucket.
> Does anybody have Kenwood's ear on topics like this?  Maybe it's not too
> late...
> 73,
> Mark N8MH
> At 07:20 PM 10/31/00 -0800, you wrote:
> >Anyone know if the TS-2000 will accommodate data communications via the
> >birds? And at what speeds?
> >
> >Will the IF DSP generate audio acceptable to standard modems such as
> >PacComm NB-96 and PSK-1? Or will an outboard device such as the Symek
> >IFD be needed?
> >
> >Darrell

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