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Re: WISP problem

Hi Mike,

Recently I had the same problem with UO 22. I was getting a very strong
signal but nothing appeared on the MSPE.  I checked my configuration and my
BBS call was shown as USOSAT-12 (Wrongly printed in the Amsat Satellite
Summary Sheet) instead of UOSAT5-12 which is correct.

Also under GSC satellite setting : c:\wisp\MSPE.EXE %S was missing in the
schedulling window.   After you put back this equation I hope it solves
your problem.


Sangat, 9M2SS 


At 07:46 31/10/00 -0600, Michael Malloy wrote:
>I recently got started on the pacsats and am currently using WISP. I have
>been able to upload and download files reliably on KO-25 but nothing seems
>to be happening on the UO-22, KO-23 and TO-31 birds. It just remains at Auto
>Idle.I have checked the callsigns and am using the primary uplink and
>downlink frequencies. The setups all seem to be the same. I am using a
>Timewave PK-96 modem. The modem seems to be receiving 9600 baud data but
>nothing is happening in WISP on these other pacsats. Am I missing something
>here? Looking for ideas.
>73 Mike N9WJV
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