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Re: Kenwood TS-2000

on 10/31/00 2:29 PM, samuel c horton at kd4esv1@juno.com wrote:

> Hello Jon...For all the hype that has been going on about this new rig
> for a year now I still believe
> that its not even in production yet...I was at Dayton and saw this rig
> under glass and I think its
> just a plastic box with nothing inside..

Baloney!  That model they had was what was called a prototype unit.  It was
a rig that had the basic form factor and some of the functions.

>They were asking at that time
> what you would like in a radio
> of this kind and I also heard it was at big hamfest in Japan and was
> still under glass so as far as
> I can tell we will have to wait and see...Personally I think Kenwood
> dropped the ball and I still wonder
> why no one has built a radio that covers all ham bands 160 thru  and
> including 222 mhz and 2.4ghz

Whoaa!!  How many radio companies put their product that is IN DEVELOPMENT
ENGINEERING out for the world to see and ASK for feedback?  I don't see Icom
or Yaesu doing that.  To me, Kenwood was brilliant to do it.  They got a lot
of publicity out of the radio and many of us have been anticipating it for
quite a while.  Kenwood never said it was ready to produce it when they
showed it.  But they needed a "new" radio to be a big crowd draw at Dayton,
sow that's why they did it.

As for a radio with 220 and 2.4 GHz, well, there's the issue of 220 being a
Western Hemisphere band only and adding 2.4 GHz doesn't make a lot of sense.
Most folks running 2.4 GHz satellite work use mast head converters since the
coax loss at 2.4 GHz is quite high.  It makes more sense to put a
transverter at the antenna feedpoint.  Also, there gets to be a lot of cost
and technical issues when trying to build PAs and transmitters that cover
that wide a bandwidth.  Build a DC to daylight RX is one thing.  Making a TX
that does the same is quite a different story.



Jon Ogden
NA9D (ex: KE9NA)



"A life lived in fear is a life half lived."

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