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Re: Kenwood TS-2000

on 10/31/00 3:31 PM, Woody at kj4so@ipass.net wrote:

> I was getting pretty excited about the TS-2000, until I checked out the photo
> on the link that you listed.  I hope the photo is a joke, but doubt that it
> is.  I do not care how well it may work, that's the ugliest rig that I have
> ever seen.  I wonder what kind of drugs the designers were taking?  I would
> not put it in my shack, regardless of its price.  "Coyote-ugly" is quite an
> understatement.

Actually, it isn't ugly at all.  It reminded me a lot of the FT-847 when I
saw it at Dayton, just a few more buttons and more curved.  The picture
doesn't do it justice.  It is a nice looking rig.  But then again, different
strokes for different folks.

As for why it doesn't do 220, that's an "easy" marketing answer:

220 is available for ham use only in North and South America.  The rest of
the world doesn't have it.  They have no desire to put in the hardware into
a rig that only a portion of the world can use.  Additionally, 220 is seen
as a band that "no one uses."  At Dayton a couple of years ago when I was
looking for a 220 FM rig, I had people ask me why I was looking for 220
equipment when we don't even have the band anymore!  There is a LOT of
misunderstanding about that band.  I wish they had it in there too, but such
is life.

According to the add sheet it does have a frequency display for transverter
operation.  Does that mean it has transverter ports?  The model at Dayton
did NOT have them (BTW: The radio there was a prototype radio not an empty
box as some have claimed).  I pressed the point pretty had with Clifford and
Leo that it needed to have them.  Perhaps the point got driven home.  WIth
transverter ports, 220 is now a breeze!

I'm gettin itchy to see this thing.  Just might have to sell my 847
depending on how well this new one works.



Jon Ogden
NA9D (ex: KE9NA)



"A life lived in fear is a life half lived."

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