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trakbox help

HI All

I managed to find a second hand - built and working (sort of) Trakbox
board. Problem is that its previous owner hasn't quite managed to finish
it off and I am having problems with it as well!

The LCD does not appear to get any data - no digits show and no matter
where I have the contrast control I cannot get it to show anything.

Tonight I suddenly realised (after some head scratching) there is no vcc
or gnd via the cables to the board and have now connected them via the
contrast control. On resetting the board I now get a line of blocks on
the top row of the display which shows for a second and then disappears.

Anyone got any ideas?

There is now voltage on the LCD PCB and a ground. There is voltage on
the 74HC245 driver IC's and everything works - I can control the
terminal via the RS232 - just does not show on the LCD!


PS I think this was a TAPR supplied kit and LCD

Also does anyone have a spare 27C512 who can programme it with the
latest firmware from the TAPR webpage - I can pay expenses! Just don't
know anyone with an eprom blower!

73 Simon GM4PLM

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