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big dish

   I am in the process of acquiring a 10Meter (30 foot) dish.  Currently
   it is being used to collect GOES data but I would like to re-mount the
   dish with FULL az-el (right now it's limited to about 120 deg az, 40 deg el)
   and use it for sat and moonbounce work.  I have the capabilites to get
   it running on 144 432 1296 and 10Ghz right now.  Was wondering if anyone
   on the list has had the oppurtunity to convert any large dishes like this
   and what the ups/downs of it are and if they had any tips.  So far
   the plan is to remove the dish from it's mount with a crane and disassemble
   it on the ground for transportation.  Any suggestions/comments/etc  welcome!

   (with crossed fingers in anticipation of P3D!!)


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