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RE: Kenwood TS-2000

Jon Ogden - NA9D wrote (in part):

> Anyhow, back to the subject at hand.  Last night I was looking at the
> add for the Kenwood TS-2000 in my new AES catalog.  What
> dismayed me was that 1.2 GHz is NOT available for satellite
> operations!  Only 2m and 70 cm are available meaning that the rig
> is not mode L capable.  Now why put that band on a satellite rig and
> not make it usable in satellite mode???

> Perhaps this was discussed while I was gone (I'd left the reflector)
> so sorry to bring up a possibly old discussion.

> Any comments?

	I'm glad you enjoyed your honeymoon.  And believe it or not, I'll
side with your wife on taking radios along.  A honeymoon is a time for the
TWO of you.

	Anyway, your timing was perfect (not that you had anything to do
with it) in that as I was reading this note, I was listening to Leo Fahmie -
KJ6HI of Kenwood on our local repeater.  I broke into the conversation and
asked him, and his reply was that satellite operation was the primary reason
that 1200 was put into the radio.  It DEFINITELY will operate satellite on
mode L.  I even offered to let him bring one up to my station to play with
on satellite since he does not have a satellite station either at home or at
Kenwood - and he said he would like to do that (I'm drooling).  If I get a
chance to play with it, I will give full reports....

Jim Walls - K6CCC
Ofc:  626-302-8515    FAX:  626-302-9999
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