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Success with HTX-10 and 2M transverter for 2m SSB

Voila (exclamation of triumph) and Eureka (cry of achievement) Viola (large
stringed instrument)!!!!!!!!!!!!

After a scary period where I thought I had burned up my  HTX-10 (Radio Shack
10 meter)  (blew a fuse on the power cord when I hooked up in reverse
polarity) I hooked up the Ten Tec 2M transverter and without adjustment at
all contacted a friend about 25 miles away on 144.200.  At less than 10
watts on a vertical 2m antenna the other ham reported clean clear sound on
frequency.  I did a happy dance and arranged to meet this saturday for
adjustments and tuning.  Immediate offers of the use of beams followed

The radio/transverter combo tunes 144.00 to 145.999 (I think the HTX goes to
.999)  With the New Oscar subband at 144.3 to 144.5 and the old at 145.80 to
146.0 this should work for RS-13 uplink and some others as well as general
VHF rover.  (Favor to several friends who got me hooked on this stuff)

As the HTX puts out 25 watts max and the transverter accepts 4-20 watts max
I turned down the RV14 pot (all the way counter clockwise) inside the HTX
and set the RF gain or Mic gain on the front of the radio to about ½
position.  Nothing seems to be even warm to the touch during a long transmit
on the radio or the transverter..   I am planning to make sure all parts of
this setup are well cooled (small fan blowing on all parts and short
transmission times).  

Any questions just holler and if you find out anything that can help keep me
from messing up myself or my equipment please feel free to let me know.  (I
learn from everyone)  

.... may have to get a larger pickup or van for radios and a bigger ground

Steve  KC5TTY

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