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Re: Looking for P3D opportunities

Hello Bob!

30 Oct 00 13:06, you wrote to All:

 BB> One major purpose of the AMSAT Strategy session this weekend was
 BB> to see where AMSAT should be headed in the long run?  There was
 BB> lots of discussion, with no clear result, but it was clear that
 BB> there are the "techies" and the "operators".  They both are dedicated
 BB> to amateur radio, they both contribute greatly to the hobby, and they
 BB> both have goals and objectives.  My personal opinion is that the two
 BB> will never get the same thing out of any or every project and so we
 BB> just need to recognize the needs of both and balance our projects.
 BB> No need to try to convince the other to change camps, just make sure
 BB> we provide enough to keep everyone busy and happy.

I have noticed this as well, this distinction among hams is quite obvious, and
neither camp is the "right" one, just have different goals, and both are really
a part of the hobby.

 BB> But one thing for certain.  When P3D goes up and we have worldwide
 BB> ham radio satellite communications, we better use it and show the
 BB> flag, or we are missing a great opportunity.  Look for great PR
 BB> opportunities.  Operations as normal is not enough.  We need to
 BB> strut our stuff and show how ham radio is different from the internet
 BB> and from cell phones and "wireless".  It is magic and AMSAT did it!

Indeed!  I'll certainly be on the lookout for such opportunities.

 BB> Anyone contemplating a wilderness or 3rd world trip, or sailing
 BB> cruise or polar expedition should be sure to carry along a P3D
 BB> comms capability.  Plan on it.  Publicize it.  The olympics has
 BB> come and gone.  But there are lots of world class venus of general
 BB> interest that could serve as special applications or special event
 BB> stations.  Start searching for ways to explore our new worldclass
 BB> P3D!

I'm also interested in the potential of using P3D as a link between widely
separated terrestrial systems.  Years ago, during JOTA, we had repeaters in
different cities in VK and ZL temporarily linked via a commercial satellite.  I
think there's potential do play with these ideas on P3D.  I'm collecting bits
for my Mode L/S station, might have the downlink side ready for testing in a
few months.

Tony, VK3JED

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