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SEC: UNCLASSIFIED - P3D Public Relations Opportunity

ATTENTION in particular:

Peter Guelzow 
Wilfried Gladisch
Office / Public Relations people 

I am the Public Relations officer for the Wireless Institute of Australia
(ACT Division) which is VK1. http://www.vk1.wia.ampr.org
What you see here is NOT an ego trip, but it may seem to be filled with "I".

I read this list.
I bothered to contact my city's major newspaper with some info about P3D and
local Amateur Radio people. 

I have now been given the opportunity to write a 2 page article (~1,800 to
2,000 words + photographs) about Phase 3D and Amateur Radio in general for
the Saturday edition ("Panorama" section) of the "Canberra Times" broadsheet
newspaper ( http://www.canberratimes.com.au
<http://www.canberratimes.com.au>  ) for Saturday 11 November - - the
Saturday before the planned P3D launch. It is THE newspaper in Canberra, the
Capital city of Australia. 

Thankfully, I also have some experience in 'amateur journalism'.

However, I need to have the article written by early Monday 6 November my
time ( Summer Time Zone L-11 = ~midday Sunday 5 NOV in Germany / Kourou /
Washington). This will allow me to have it checked by the Canberra Times
staff before the Tuesday deadline. 

My outline is going to answer the standard list - -
Who/What/When/Where/How/Why - - with these starting points:
*	P3D is an Amateur-designed and built satellite.
*	Who/What is an Amateur Radio operator? (inc. famous examples)
*	Why send Amateur satellites into orbit?
*	When will it be available?
*	Who will be able to use it?
*	What other satellites are there? Whose are they?
*	How is it being launched?
*	etc


Wilfried Gladisch & Peter Guelzow
1.	Thank you for the permission to use the images at
http://www.amsat-dl.org/launch/ <http://www.amsat-dl.org/launch/> , however,
are the photographs available in bigger file formats at higher resolution?
(preferably JPGs)
2.	Can you give me the email contact details for someone I can ask, to
get permission for other photographs and information from Ariannespace /
Kourou / etc? 
3.	Can you give me an obvious or not-obvious contact in Ariannespace's
Public Relations department? 
	NOTE:	I have an email address to send images direct to the
"Canberra Times". 

	AMSAT-NA office/Web site folk:
4.	Can I have your permission to use SMALL sections of information from
the AMSAT-NA web site, etc?

5.	Is there any not-obvious place to look on the Web (or other source)
for information about P3D? (English is preferred.)

6.	Does anyone want to co-operate in writing this article? OR... 

7.	Does anyone want to begin lobbying their local newspaper for
publication of this article....?  (I will make available a
'fill-in-the-local-blanks' version available if the Canberra Times will

If Peter & Wilfried do not normally read this list, now, then can an OBVIOUS
person please pass this message to them. Thank you.

Genuine help / info / etc gladly accepted.
(Flames will be genuinely ignored...)

Thanks for the bandwidth,

Peter R. Ellis
in Canberra, the Capital city of Australia
Email: publicity@vk1.wia.ampr.org <mailto:publicity@vk1.wia.ampr.org> 
URL: http://www.vk1.wia.ampr.org <http://www.vk1.wia.ampr.org>  

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