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Sunsat scheduling changes over VK.

I have been drawing up the voice schedule for the VK/ZL region for several
months now.  Since I took over, the only change I have made is to move the
passes eastwards slightly, to give Perth and ZL approximately equal access.

Recently, there seems to be an increasing level of activity from ZL, and as
a result, I am looking at making some adjustments to the voice schedule to
cater for this increased demand.  Previously, I was keeping to a strict
50/50 split between passes to the east and west of the central point.  The
newest schedule has a slight bias towards the east, and that bias may be
increased, if demand warrants it.

VK6 and VK8 operators need not worry, there will always be opportunities for
you to work the bird, but just a few less of them.  As the satellite's
transponder time is limited, it would be better to position the majority of
the passes where the demand for access is.  If activity from VK6/VK8
increases, or ZL falls off, the scheduling would be changed to accommodate

The new east/west ratio over a 2 week period will be changed from 50/50 to
60/40 in favour of ZL on weekdays.  The current arrangements will continue
for the weekends.  Thisn change will take effect during November.

In the meantime, hope to work you on the bird!

Tony Langdon. 
Systems Development and Support. 
ATC Training Australasia.  Level 2 321 Exhibition St Melbourne  3000. 
Phone:  1300 13 1983     WWW:  http://www.atctraining.com.au 
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