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Looking for P3D opportunities

One major purpose of the AMSAT Strategy session this weekend was
to see where AMSAT should be headed in the long run?  There was 
lots of discussion, with no clear result, but it was clear that 
there are the "techies" and the "operators".  They both are dedicated 
to amateur radio, they both contribute greatly to the hobby, and they 
both have goals and objectives.  My personal opinion is that the two 
will never get the same thing out of any or every project and so we 
just need to recognize the needs of both and balance our projects.  
No need to try to convince the other to change camps, just make sure 
we provide enough to keep everyone busy and happy.

But one thing for certain.  When P3D goes up and we have worldwide
ham radio satellite communications, we better use it and show the
flag, or we are missing a great opportunity.  Look for great PR
opportunities.  Operations as normal is not enough.  We need to 
strut our stuff and show how ham radio is different from the internet
and from cell phones and "wireless".  It is magic and AMSAT did it!

Anyone contemplating a wilderness or 3rd world trip, or sailing 
cruise or polar expedition should be sure to carry along a P3D
comms capability.  Plan on it.  Publicize it.  The olympics has 
come and gone.  But there are lots of world class venus of general
interest that could serve as special applications or special event
stations.  Start searching for ways to explore our new worldclass

de WB4APR, Bob

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