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SunSat scheduling

Howdy all,
	Several weeks ago I posted a note here on this E-Mail list that was
somewhat critical of the SunSat control team for having as I put it "an East
Coast bias" on the North American voice passes.  Johann Lochner - ZR1CBC
responded saying that they are not familiar with the operations in most
areas of the world (nor should we expect them to be), and that without
having a "local" co-ordinator, they just have to take their best shot at
which pass will likely be the most useful for each area.
	Well, I can take a hint just as well as the next guy, and starting
in early November, I am scheduling the North American voice passes for the
SunSat control team.  The first schedule I laid out has now been posted on
the SunSat web site: http://sunsat.ee.sun.ac.za/index.html
	Below is the schedule as posted on the SunSat web site.  The first
pass I scheduled	is November 6th at 23:23z.  I wanted to let you all
know what the locations listed after some of the passes are.  Many of the
passes are somewhere across the middle of the US, however some are either
further east or west, and some have a earlier or later (in terms of the
latitude where the pass starts) than others for the purpose of providing
some (or extended) coverage in an area that does not get much coverage from
the "normal mid continent " passes.  For example, I have scheduled some of
the farther eastern passes to provide more coverage into the Caribbean Sea
and into the northern portions of South America.  On the other hand, some of
the farther west passes are schedule to provide better coverage into Alaska.
I have noted this on the schedule.
	I welcome your comments, requests, and questions about the SunSat
scheduling.  I also ask a question of you.  Lately all of the voice passes
have been scheduled for late afternoon / early evening (decending passes).
There have however in the past been some ascending passes scheduled.
Especially with daylight savings time just ending, ascending passes would be
awfully early in the morning.  Would you like to have some ascending passes
schedule for voice operation?  Let me know either way.  Also, if you have
specific pass requests, please get them to me well in advance.  The
schedules are written for a 2 week period about 10 days prior to the first
day in that period.
	Here is the North American passes for the next three weeks as taken
from the SunSat web site:

30/10/2000   23:09
01/11/2000   00:07
01/11/2000   23:27
03/11/2000   00:26
03/11/2000   23:45
04/11/2000   23:05
06/11/2000   00:04

06/11/2000   23:23
08/11/2000   00:23
08/11/2000   23:41
09/11/2000   23:02 NW S. America
11/11/2000   00:00
11/11/2000   23:19
13/11/2000   00:19 Alaska

13/11/2000   23:39
14/11/2000   22:58 NW S. America
15/11/2000   23:55 Alaska
16/11/2000   23:17
17/11/2000   22:35 North S. America
18/11/2000   23:36
20/11/2000   00:33 Alaska

Jim Walls - K6CCC
Ofc:  626-302-8515    FAX:  626-302-9999
AMSAT member 32537 / WSWSS member 395

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