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PK96 TNC for digital satellite and local APRS?

Hi all, I'm going through the options for my portable digital satellite,
local VHF voice/APRS and digital HF station. Starting to narrow down the
equipment choice but still have not figured out the best TNC.

I would like to be able to use the same TNC for local VHF APRS (1200 baud)
and for the satellites - 9600 baud.
I see AES has a PK-96/100k 9600/1200 TNC. Has anybody used this TNC on the
satellites?  How well does it do in KISS?

I want to make a compact transport box that will hold all the stuff. It
will have a hinged top section that when open will expose the front of the
radios and TNC.  It will also allow the top of the laptop to open up. In
order for it to work the size of the TNC is very important - must be about
5 inches wide and 1 1/2 tall. 

I hope my ASCII drawing will help show the general layout.

	-			Laptop goes here			-
	- 	TNC				ICOM 706		-
	-	2 meter						-

Should be a lot of fun when camping and boating and for club days in the park.

Thanks in advance for any help on the TNC.

Dale Coleman
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