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RE: a few observations

> To the folks trashing Windows as an OS for a satellite: if the thought
> of Windows in anything vital worries you, consider the fact that
> Microsoft has been selected by the government to do the work to
> upgrade the computer systems at NORAD.....

Eeeek! :)

> Regarding Mir and it's continued existence:
>   Don't hold your breath on seeing any more missions to Mir. The

Last I heard, Mir looked like being scuttled early next year, as the Russian
government decided to focus more on the ISS.

> that has been going to happen Real Soon Now for at least a decade
> that I can remember. As far as I know, it's about as close now as it
> was back then.....

Well, perhaps one day, an amateur rocket will make orbit.  Time will tell,
but it could be a long wait.

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