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Mail Readers for this List (was Windows Question)

David Rush <ky0dr@arrl.net  wrote -

> I've a big fan of Eudora.  Version 3 was (and still is) a great product for 
> either very little ($29 I think), or they had a 
> less-featured-but-still-good "light" version for free.

Yes, I've been trying out Eudora Lite V3, and quite like it but 
haven't yet decided whether it's the best one for me.     

> The message filtering works great - I'm on several mailing lists and I'd go 
> insane if it wasn't able to automatically filter them into their respective 
> folders.  It doesn't really seem to understand the concept of threads, 
> though - it can sort by "subject line contains XYZ" and several variations.

AFAIK sorting by subject & threads are much the same.  Threads tend 
to be associated with Usenet.  Perhaps the sorting isn't done 
automatically by mail readers, as it is by news readers?

> I'd love to see Java become the language of choice for passing around 
> simple (or not-so-simple) programs.  Unfortunately the majority of people 
> seem to think that Java means a web page and a GUI.  Not true - you can 
> make short text-mode programs that work great and are far simpler to write 
> (and read) than GUI-based programs.  And it's free, and about as portable 
> as could be.

That's an interesting suggestion.  I have just got a book on it from 
our local  library , so will try it out.


         Clive    G3CWV

         Hitchin, North Hertfordshire, UK.       

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