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Re: Bicycle mobile via SO-35

Hello Johann!

28 Oct 00 18:44, you wrote to All:

 JL> During the Mode B voice pass of SO-35 over South Africa today (14:51
 JL> UTC), something more exciting was attempted (a la VK3JED).  In a gale
 JL> force South Easter, using a Kenwood TH-D7A (with 5.5 W into an Icom
 JL> IC-W32E rubber ducky), I made two contacts while being mountain bike
 JL> mobile.  ;-)  The lucky ones were ZS6AZG and ZR6TXA.

Congratulations!!!!!! :-)  You can chalk that one up as a successful venture.

VK and ZL readers should take note that I am still operating train and tram
mobile on passes that fall within the 06:05 - 06:30 UTC window.  At this time,
and for the next month or so, these passes will favour VK-ZL activity, so ZL's
looking for a contact had better be quick! :)

Tony, VK3JED

.. in my spare time.
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