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Re: elevation meter, G-5500

At 10:28 PM 10/26/2000 +0800, eduardo j valdez wrote:
>the elevation indicator on my yaesu g-5500 rotor sometimes fails to 
>indicate the elevation (remains stuck at zero) ...is there a potentiometer 
>i need to replace or something?

Could just be a broken wire.  Disconnect the three indicator wires at the 
control box and use an ohmmeter to see if they behave like the three wires 
on a pot.  If one of 'em is open, then you'll need to diagnose further to 
discover whether its one of the wires between the rotor and control box or 
whether its in the rotor itself.

>would also appreciate if you can point me to a web site for keplerian data 
>for the moon.  would like to explore working EME (oscar zero).

The moon's orbit is not well described by the keplerian model, except for a 
very short time.  You can find "keplerian elements" but they are short term 
fits.  You can however get one of many programs that contain a good moon 
model (InstantTrack is an example) and use that.

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