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SO-35 Tram QSOs.

Hello Tony!

25 Oct 00 22:37, I wrote to All:

 TL> Anyway, maybe that's better left to some other forum.  Should be
 TL> talking about the birds in here.  Speaking of satellites, had an
 TL> excellent SO-35 pass over VK tonight.  Also, I will be likely
 TL> operating train and/or tram mobile tomorrow (26 Oct 2000) from 06:14z
 TL> (AOS in Melbourne) to 06:25z on SO-35.

The 06:14 SO-35 pass went well.  Several stations were heard, and tow (VK3CAT
and VK3YLV) were successfully worked from the tram, and electronic QSLs have
been issued to those stations.  Stay tuned here for further news. :-)

Tony, VK3JED

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